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Registration & Licensing in India

Corporate Laws, Industrial Laws, Environmental Laws

Registration & Licensing in India

Management Laws, Intellectual Property Laws

MCA 21 Services

Mergers and acquisitions, take over, joint ventures

Foreign Exchange Management

Oreign collaboration, technology transfern
Our Client

We are pleased to have been associated with the following clients:

  • Advent Financial Advisory Pvt Ltd
  • Provose Consultants Pvt Ltd
  • Ritika Enclave Pvt Ltd
  • Nihal Projects Pvt Ltd
  • Excel Wire Products Pvt Ltd
  • Jainex Securities Pvt Ltd
  • Dhanvridhi Commercial Pvt Ltd
  • Trishna Tieup Pvt Ltd
  • Bijay Road Transport Pvt Ltd
  • Madonna Real Estates Pvt Ltd
  • M.P.Investments & Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd
  • Impex Services Ltd
  • Limitex Investments Ltd
  • Gautam Resources Ltd
  • Destiny Traders Ltd
  • Basiknath Commercial Co Ltd
  • Sarvodaya Beopar Ltd
  • Star Light Credit (India) Ltd
  • Twenty First Century (Indi) Ltd
  • Multiplus Resources Ltd