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Registration & Licensing in India

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 Project Monitoring and Financial Reporting

Scope and object

Monitoring Agency for carry over the accounts maintained by the management.

GAAP Analyses, Prudential Accounting Norms & Practice and effective Internal Control.

Develop the initiatives/recommendations that would be required to eliminate the GAPs.

Re-engineering of MIS relating to Fund Flow to meet requirement of Information Based Decision Making by the management.

Highlight all the fact and finding with the recommendation & suggestion for decision making.

Area to be worked.

Daily monitoring over the site

  • Reporting over daily work development (Material consumption v/s Purchases).
  • Control over daily expense/payment at the site.

Weekly cash verification.

Monthly physical verification of material.

Monthly Internal Audit for Transaction Booking.

Finalization of monthly Trail Balance as per GAAP.

Preparation of Monthly Audit Report Containing

  • Activity wise Fund Flow.
  • Daily site observation with recommendation and disposal.
  • Report over the physical verification with reconciliation.
  • Pre-payment Audit report with rectification.
  • Vender bills and payment status.
  • Marketing details.
  • Material Consumption report with work done.
  • How to execute.

Finalization of Audit program.

Site development

  • Maintenance of Master file i.e. item wise, work wise.
  • Maintenance of daily site observation.
  • Maintenance of daily pre-payment audit report at site label.
  • Maintenance of effective Internal Control at site label.

At office

  • Monthly ledger scrutiny and rectification.
  • Maintenance of Statutory Register.
  • Party reconciliation.
  • Verification of documentation.
  • Finalization of Trail Balance for Fund Flow statement.
  • Other ancillary office work.

Vendor negotiation.

Preparation of work order or purchase order.

ROC related work.

Preparation of various kinds of budgets as per BOQ.

Variance Reporting with suggestion.

Tax matters.

MIS Reporting.

Daily Reporting.

Master Sheet.

Activity wise Fund Flow

Schedule of Fund flow.

Physical Verification.

Audit Observation.

Audit Program.

Daily Site observation Report.

Bill Passing Report.

Status Quo Report.

Work Order.

Vender Analysis Report with Price.